OSEv3 Node Utilisation

A quick and dirty script to query all nodes for utilisation data:-


printf "%-12s %-25s %-4s %-15s %-20s %-18s %-8s \n" "NODE" "STATE" "PODS" "CPU Req" "CPU Lim" "Memory Req" "Memory Lim"
oc get nodes --show-labels | grep user | while read NODE STAT stuff
printf "%-12s %-25s %-5s " $(echo $NODE | cut -f1 -d. ) $STAT $(oadm manage-node --list-pods $NODE 2> /dev/null | sed '/^NAME.*/d' | wc -l)
printf "%-7s %-7s %-7s %-12s %-12s %-5s %-12s %-5s\n" $(oc describe node $NODE | grep -a2 "CPU Requests" | tail -1)

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