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Just CPC: The 2015 Amstrad CPC Clone

On the 7th January 2015 Piotr Bugaj released the first details regarding his Amstrad CPC clone.  The original specification included 64Kb RAM and MX4 expansion connectors, in addition to the standard edge connector.

The Original ‘Just CPC’ Design

By August 2015 the first boards started arriving.  By this point it had lost one MX4 slot but gained a voltage rectifier, regulator, 128Kb RAM and an onboard floppy controller (DDI-1) including Parados ROM and a PS/2 keyboard interface.

The ‘Just CPC 128K’

The complete board is a 4 layer design and is available as either a complete or unpopulated board.  The ‘Just CPC 128k’ is available from http://www.sellmyretro.com/.

‘Just CPC 128k’, Zaxon (Speccy.pl)